Prime Competence

PCC AB provides cutting-edge expertise in software development & IT Services

PCC Prime Competence consulting provides professional IT & Consulting services

We are a Software company / IT entrepreneur serving our clients in software product development, design, architecture, etc.,

We love adding values to customers and delivering quality solutions which aligns with our own core values as a company.

Our services

Here is an overview of our core business areas

IT Consulting

We provide highly skilled professionals who value quality within software development, DevOps, Testing and Security. We take pride in our product quality and on time delivery.


We assist in decision making when it comes to technical choices & methodology. With a mixture of individuals from different industries with years of experience within IT industry, we can help you navigate those tough decision making.


We work with our inhouse products as well as working with other startups. Our investment strategy is to offer our services to startup in exchange for equity instead of money. By doing so, we create a long lasting relationship and partnership together.

Our work

Here is an overview of our core strength 

Backend Dev
Frontend Dev
DevOps Engineer

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